Renovation That Exceeds Expectation
We specialize in bringing new life and new functionality to existing homes by blending living spaces…adding windows to improve your view… converting unused space into attractive yet functional storage areas… creating a home-office… installing new flooring… the possibilities are virtually endless.

Why sit and dream about taking care of it “someday”? Call us NOW to discuss your ideas. It’s time to make your dreams come true!

Restorations are very special projects. They require unique knowledge, careful craftsmanship and a huge amount of patience – “close enough” just doesn’t work. Restorations also present debris disposal/removal challenges, because of lead-based paints and other hazardous materials often found in older homes. That’s why many contractors avoid these projects.

Not so with Karl Bittner Remodeling. We’ll carefully research materials and techniques in order to replicate the original look, and custom-produce special items when required. Your historic home will be brought back to its long-ago splendor, no matter what era, and our new work will be practically invisible.